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Nov 29, 2013 5:00am EST
finding some warm scarfs and mittens, i don't know, but quiet through the day so that is good news for anyone doing additional traveling. let's get to rob woodfork from wtop with the roadways. >> we have some problems in silver spring 24 this morning. we will get a live look at georgia avenue and university. reports of icy conditions so they are out treating the roadways. serves as good reminder to take it easy onramps and back roads as you head out this morning. that said, let's go to the maps. looking good as you head to the silver spring area, the beltway looking good on the outer loop. routes funneling into the beltway should be good to go as well. looking good on i-95, the bw parkway, no major tie-ups or trouble spots. dale city and points north should be a good go this morning. back to jummy and autria. >> thank you very much, rob. at 5:32, new this morning, an illinois police officer is in the hospital after being dragged fa a car while trying to stop a shoplifter. this happened in a kohl's in romeoville, outside of chicago, illinois. the driver and two other suspects are no
Nov 25, 2013 5:00am EST
by on the outer loop earlier on that live shot there and they were in the right lane, so we will see. we don't have any lane information quite yet, just a heads up there. beltway moving along quite nicely. estimated 19 minutes on 95. no problems on 395. we've got. >> live shot from our traffic tracker that shows current conditions along new york avenue near bw parkway. back to you. >> amanda, thank you very much. it is 5:12. a police officer in massachusetts sunday investigation this morning. he is accused of steeling more than thousands of dollars from the department, but the reason why he says that he did it, it is a little heart breaking. it is 5:1 >> while you were sleeping, reaction to that historic nuclear great iran. already we're hering from a major sum ally not happy about that -- u.s. allay not happy with the agreement. >> now the obama administration has to sell this to critics. they have a deal with iran to have a six-month period of time to stop nuclear functions and add inspections. the plan has critics. >> i would caution them from overselling this deal because it is not a ful
Nov 22, 2013 5:00am EST
talking playoffs because you don't talk playoffs and the skins this season, unfortunately. here is tim brant. >> the redskins say they've turned the page, although the discussion persists on talk radio. they're ready to finish this season strongly. it starts monday night against the 49ers. both times try to avoid the third straight lots. the quarterbacks, the darlings of the league last year are now facing criticism. the biggest since, san francisco is 6-and-4. >> we're 6-and-4 right now so right in the thick of things and they're a good football team. some argue they should have won the super bowl last year and fell short so they are a talented bunch and plays extremely hard. >> it is going to be monday night football here at fedex field. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> jummy, that means you can enjoy your is unbecause they don't be playing -- your sunday because they won't be playing. >> a stress free sunday. >> we want to say we're wearing purple today because we are supporting the d.c. area for pancreatic cancer research, so hoping they can find a cure. a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3